Pressure relief is the last line of defence in the process industry, and there are many standards and engineering calculations required to ensure the system is safe. It can be quite daunting and confusing, but if you break it down to the fundamentals and understand some of the core principles the successful application of the principles can successfully protect equipment and personnel from the hazard associated with over and under pressure.
This course puts all of the knowledge you need into one comprehensive course, giving the participants the task of sizing and selecting a valve themselves.

Organiser: Process Safety Verification
Contact Name: Brett Mahar
Contact Phone: +61 (0)481 161 861
Contact Email: bmahar@processsafetyverification.com.au

Course Outline:

Day 1:
• Introduction
• What is over pressure and the safety function pressure relief
• Understanding the design basis
• Defining the boundary for a pressure relieving system.
• Calculating the relief rate

Day 2:
• Safe sizing and selecting of protective devices:
           •Pressure relief valve
           •Bursting discs
           •Pilot operated valves
• Understand upstream and downstream pressure and the design constraints this creates
• Safe & successful transport, installation and inspection

Day 3:
• Protecting low pressure storage tanks
• Safe atmospheric discharge
• The dangers of reaction hazards and two phase flow
• Interactions with flare systems

Who Will Benefit?

The following people will benefit from this training:
• Graduate chemical engineers who have entered the workforce.
• Engineers who are required to undertake or check pressure relief calculations.
• Managers who are responsible for the plant and personnel.
• Engineers who are responsible for checking and approving relief valve sizing, and want to refresh on the standards and methodology.

Course Location & Dates:

Melbourne, Australia
Date From: Tuesday 9th May 2017
Date to: Thursday 11th May 2017
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Perth, Australia
Date From: Tuesday 13th June 2017
Date to: Thursday 15th June 2017
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Brisbane, Australia
Date From: Tuesday 22nd August 2017
Date to: Thursday 24th August 2017
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Australian courses:
IChemE Member: AUD$2,875 (GST inc)
Non Member: AUD$3,375 (GST inc)

Course Presenter:

Brett Mahar:

Brett is the founder and Principle Process Engineer at Process Safety Verification, a process engineering consultancy specialising in pressure systems safety. Having experience with pressure systems as both designer and production manager, he appreciates the challenges from both sides, and believes the best way to close this gap is through training. Brett’s main focus has been the design, installation and validation of over pressure protective systems in oil and gas, chemicals industry, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.
Brett is a board member for the Australian IChemE, sits on the Victorian committee and is a member of the Australian Safety and Loss Prevention Group.


“Course material gave me a better understanding on relief valves which I can use in my everyday job.” Viva Energy, Australia, 2016

“Very good and practical step by step guide”

“Was excellent to run through group exercise on this. Very helpful”

“Typically we specify vent conditions and the supplier provides valves. Good to know how to check selection, good to know how the valve lifts and reseats.”

Testimonials from Nufarm, Australia, 2015